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At the Firing Range

I did some research last week and today I finally had the opportunity to go to a “Handgun Intro” course. Something I was not aware of is that this four hour course also leads to a concealed weapons permit; even if you’ve never held a gun before. Unfortunately you have to have live in the [...]

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Donate Blood

Yesterday had some sort of thing going on on Atlantic Avenue, which is the main street of Delray Beach. Closed for traffic and there were more people than usual walking around. They even had police watching the train crossing. There was also the possibility to donate blood. Something which I think all of you should [...]

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Machu Picchu

Note: This was written two weeks ago. It is only noon, but I’m tired to the bones. Started walking up to Machu Picchu at half past five. Half an hour on flat ground and one hour upwards. Tired even before the guided tour started at seven. I have to go back to a habit of [...]

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After a day with great people in Delray Beach, Florida, it’s been decided that I’ll be around for a while. Work permit application will hopefully be fixed tomorrow, and October is the time for allocation. With some luck I’ll return to the US after the JCI world congress to work. Definitely not what I was [...]

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Stationary Again?

If I time this posting right it will show up just as I’m boarding a plane for Florida. Well there I’ll be stationary for a while. There are people there who want me to work with them, and I’ve tentatively said yes. Only details are still to be decided, something which I’m certain will turn [...]

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Phone Reset Itself

My stupid phone made a partial reset of itself when it ran out of battery recently. Really bad since all my half-written blog posts disappeared. Maybe it was a sign though. Rewriting things normally makes them better. Even had to do a full reset since everything was crashing. Argh! I’ll write some new stuff to [...]

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