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Reading in English

I just finished reading The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe. A story about the journeyman torturer Severian, and his ascent to power. Great book in general, while at the same time making me realize that my English might not be as good as I think it is. When reading this book I [...]

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Florida Living

I think I’m going to like living here in Florida. Yesterday I took a bike ride in some of the best weather there is; mostly sunny, with partial cloud cover. And now, only an hour after arriving at my residence, I stand here with an open front door watching rain and lightning tear down the [...]

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About Writing on a Blog

So maybe I haven’t been that good at writing for the blog lately. I’ve had a lot on my mind; which when I think about it is a reason to write more rather than less. And then I stumbled across Seth Godin writing about writer’s block. He basically gives the cure for writer’s block: Just [...]

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Gone Fishin’

You may have been wondering what I’ve been up to. Now you know. More updates are forthcoming. Cheers, Daniel

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