JCI La Paz 19.26

Mountains in the background

Today I attended my fifth JCI event for this year. Feels different to be such a non-active member.

It is really great to attend JCI events in foreign countries. I’m always very well received and JCI La Paz 19.26 was no different.

This was an event with JCI La Paz 19.26, which is one of three local chambers in La Paz, but there were members present from the other two as well.

After the ordinary meeting they had a planning meeting for a national convention happening next weekend. Here, in La Paz. So now I have to stay until at least then.

Don’t really know what courses to attend though. I wonder if I can pick something with easy Spanish based on the name of the course. Maybe I’ll participate in JCI Achieve, or one of the other courses I’ve already attended.

All in all, a really great evening.

Tomorrow I’m finding myself a Spanish teacher.

If I have any readers that are not already members of JCI (and happen to be in the ages 18-40), I really recommend attending an event with your local chamber. It has changed my life. Maybe it will change yours.



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