Stationary Again?

If I time this posting right it will show up just as I’m boarding a plane for Florida. Well there I’ll be stationary for a while.

There are people there who want me to work with them, and I’ve tentatively said yes. Only details are still to be decided, something which I’m certain will turn out fine. From our initial conversations via phone and email, they seem to be great people, which is the most important issue when it comes to working with someone.

I mean, they’ve read the blog and all, and how much nicer than that can you get. :-)

If it doesn’t work out I guess I just get a week in Florida, which is not too shabby either.

Or maybe I’ll follow up further on that opportunity in California. No replies for three days now though, which is always a bad sign.

Oh, maybe they don’t work on weekends. Strange people.

I’ll keep writing the blog no matter what. Seeing that this hasn’t really turned into your average travel blog anyway, I don’t see the topics changing that much either.

The biggest risk is that I might start writing in American English. Oh, the horror!



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