Machu Picchu

Reading at Machu Picchu

Note: This was written two weeks ago.

It is only noon, but I’m tired to the bones. Started walking up to Machu Picchu at half past five. Half an hour on flat ground and one hour upwards. Tired even before the guided tour started at seven.

I have to go back to a habit of exercise again. Life was so much easier when I lived an hour bike ride outside of the city.

The only comment I have about Machu Picchu itself is Amazing. I feel like Indiana Jones finding a hidden temple in the jungle. Less all the tourists, of course.

Managed to steal some reading time up there as well. Hard to concentrate with such an aweinspiring view though.

Greatly recommended.



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  1. Posted August 17, 2011 at 12:23 | Permalink

    Absolutely gorgeous picture that!

    — ams

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