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Atlantic Avenue

Yesterday had some sort of thing going on on Atlantic Avenue, which is the main street of Delray Beach. Closed for traffic and there were more people than usual walking around. They even had police watching the train crossing.

There was also the possibility to donate blood. Something which I think all of you should do. It helps people in need, and it’s really easy.

Donating blood takes maybe half an hour, and is next to painless.

It doesn’t really hurt, but personally I can’t look while they put the needle in the vein. I have to look away and talk about something mundane. I’ve said some really silly things while getting that needle fixated. Really takes about ten seconds, but I after more than five years of donating regularly, I still can’t look while it happens.

After that you have maybe fifteen minutes of plain boring. Bring a book.

And you have an excuse to avoid heavy physical exercise the same day. I only ever had a problem once and had to sit down for a while, but normally it’s perfectly fine to go out, hop on my bicycle, and ride wherever I was heading.

Mission failed for me this time unfortunately. I’ve lived in Europe for more than five years after 1980, and that puts me on the blacklist. Mad cow disease apparently.


Hopefully you can do it in your country to compensate for my failure.

Did you know that if everyone who is eligible to donate blood actually did it, they would each only have to do it three times during a lifetime.

At least aim for once per decade. You’d do your share, and more.

Oh, and the train. 107 wagons; I counted.



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    I donate blood now. It saved my life. Give the gift of life! Please, donate blood. It may be your life that needs saved.

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