At the Firing Range

First 14 bullets from a revolverI did some research last week and today I finally had the opportunity to go to a “Handgun Intro” course. Something I was not aware of is that this four hour course also leads to a concealed weapons permit; even if you’ve never held a gun before. Unfortunately you have to have live in the US for this to be true, and not just be here on a tourist visa. So no permit for me. :-(

Maybe next time.

You can do a lot without a concealed weapons permit though. Having a gun that is “securely encased” is perfectly legal for everyone. And apparently a glove compartment – locked or not – is enough. Or a snapped holster. As long as it’s hidden, not on your person, and at a place with a lock or a latch, you’re good to go. This place is so hugely different from Swedish gun law.

The course was a four hour course with the first two hours together with people who already knew how to shoot and only wanted the permit. So mostly a talk about legal stuff and help with filling out forms and such. This was followed by about an hour of showing us guns, how they work, and how to handle them. The teacher showed us a few different types of revolvers and semi automatics. Explaining their good sides and bad.

It boiled down to this: if you don’t plan on practicing, get a small revolver for carrying, and a big revolver for your home. If you are going to practice regularly, get the same revolver for your home, and get a semi automatic to carry. And preferably they should all come with a laser sight. Yeah, maybe this is a good place to say that this course is solely focused on using guns on people; if you want to learn how to do target shooting, that would be a different course.

Stand steady, lean a bit forward to handle the recoil, grip the gun just so, point at the target (don’t bother using the sight, because you are not going to do that in a live situation anyway), and pull the trigger. That’s about it. And then we headed for the firing range. Getting the chance to shoot all those guns was the best part of the day. We each had a hundred bullets, but since we pooled them and some people chose to shoot less, I got the opportunity to shoot a few extra. I’ve used a rifle before – and shot maybe ten shots over the course of my life – but never even held a hand gun. It rocks. A bit expensive to pick up as a regular hobby maybe, but really fun.

The holes in the picture are made by my first 14 revolver shots ever; two full rounds of seven. Made just after my first 48 shots ever with semi automatics. Click at the picture to see more (yes, that means you, Simon).




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  1. Posted August 20, 2011 at 23:25 | Permalink

    Inte illa skjutet, vad var det för avstånd? vad för kaliber?

    • Daniel
      Posted August 20, 2011 at 23:52 | Permalink

      Jättenära. 11-12 fot sa instruktören att det var (vilket borde vara runt 3 1/2 meter vilket stämmer med mitt ögonmått). Det var .357 om jag minns rätt.

      Jag är helt säker på att de semiautomatiska var 9mm åtminstone.

  2. Posted August 21, 2011 at 00:18 | Permalink

    .357 låter rimligt, normal självförsvarskaliber. Smäller bra, men inte ohanterligt.
    44 magnum kräver lite mer återhämtning. Skaffar du en egen pistol så rekommenderar jag kaliber 40 på pistol (10mm eller .45 om du känner dig macho) och .357 i revolver, med en .357 kan man övningsskjuta med .38 som är en billigare kaliber.

    • Daniel
      Posted August 21, 2011 at 15:41 | Permalink

      Tackar, tackar för rekomendationerna. Det blir nog ett eget skjutvapen så småningom. Kanske inte första månaden, men relativt snart iaf.

  3. Posted August 24, 2011 at 11:54 | Permalink

    Går det så vilt till där borta? :-)

    Inte illa skjutet, även på 3-4 meter.

    • Daniel
      Posted August 24, 2011 at 13:07 | Permalink

      Tackar, tackar. Än så länge har jag inte sett någon bli skjuten; nästa vecka kanske. :-)

  4. alexander Luna
    Posted September 19, 2011 at 16:40 | Permalink

    fan va kul det blev en del skjuta av för mig i nicaragua me. mest med en smith n wesson eller va den heter 38. det e riktigt kul o skjuta på ölburkar när man har tråkigt eller i luften när man e full =). riktigt kul hobby. skulle nog börja här i sverige nu om det inte va så dyrt och krångligt. visk själva kulorna kostar i nica kosta dem 20 cordobas styck ca 6kr. 48 or. sen blev det en del kaninjakt också med en 22a salonggevär och ficklampa på huvet. va bara att akta sig för skallerormar dock.

    • Daniel
      Posted September 19, 2011 at 18:03 | Permalink

      Med ficklampa på huvudet. Låter helskoj.

      Jo, det är dyrt med ammunition, så det blir nog begränsat med skjutandet. Fast kul var det.

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