Phone Reset Itself

My stupid phone made a partial reset of itself when it ran out of battery recently. Really bad since all my half-written blog posts disappeared.

Maybe it was a sign though. Rewriting things normally makes them better.

Even had to do a full reset since everything was crashing. Argh!

I’ll write some new stuff to add to the blog.



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Left La Paz

My time in La Paz was recently over. It was with a bit of sadness that I left a city where I spent a great 18 nights. The longest I’ve been in one location (not counting visits to family), since my trip started.

There were three main reasons to stay for such a long time. One, I fell in love with the city and the wonderful people at the hostel where I stayed. Two, I had to wait for a new credit card to arrive. And three, JCI Bolivia had some events and a national conference where I wanted to attend the gala dinner.

All these things completed it was time to move on.

Also, I have a flight booked from Lima on the 3rd. Things are ahappening. More about this later, or I’ll tell you the whole story privately. Still semi-under wraps.



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Investment Club

KeysI’ve been wanting to start an investment club for many years now. Why I didn’t while I had a stable life I can’t really say.

Today it would be hard for me to attend the meetings. So it will have to stay on the backburner until I next have a home.

Meanwhile, you start one.

It is quite easy. While the formalities are quite different depending on what country you live in, the basic idea is the same.

Gather a group of friends. Each pledges to invest a certain amount with the club each month. Meet every now and then and decide how to invest the money. After a predetermined time has lapsed, liquidate the assets and split the money. Or spend them on something nice. Like a trip to somewhere.

I have some recommendations that will increase the odds of having a success.

Everyone should invest the same amount. It should be a small enough amount such that all the participants can afford it, while still be enough to be worthwhile. Say $100 or £100 should do it. Less, and transaction fees will eat too much of your capital. More, and one of you might not afford to stay if you get unemployed for some time.

The participants should have similar styles of investing. If half the group wishes to change the portfolio fully every month while the other half wishes to do so yearly you are set for trouble.

Meet no more often than once a month (otherwise there will be no money to invest) and no more seldom than three times a year (otherwise you might as well not have the club).

Set the liquidation date between five and ten years into the future. Decide on penalties for withdrawing early (at least the cost of selling, but probably more like 10%).

Gather a group of five to fifteen friends with a sweet spot at around eight.

Get started.

If you want help with rules and regulations for your particular country I will willingly help with the research.



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Worst Case Scenario

WindshieldI roughly follow what happens on the stock market, and in particular what’s happening at the Stockholm stock exchange. A few months ago a pharma company made public a failed study on a possible medication for diabetes, and lost about 80% of its share price in a few hours.

I read that some people were 100% invested in this stock (or more; through loans with the stock as security). It made me think.

What would happen to you if you lost 80% of the gross value of your investments – including your apartment or house – overnight? How diversified are you? How big are the risks?

If you are loan free it would be bad, but you could probably ride it out. As long as you don’t need the money right now it’s normally possible to rearrange life so as to get by.

Most people I know are not loan free though. They either have student loans or an apartment/house loan (or commonly both).

I don’t invest in the pharma industry (nor in tobacco, avionics, films, media, forex, anything I don’t understand, and a few others) so I was spared this time.

Even though this particular company was an obvious gamble, there is the possibility of my stocks losing 80% – or maybe just 30% – of their share price overnight.

Just look at what happened to bank stocks during the recent bank crisis.

Almost all of my money is stashed away at the Stockholm stock exchange and seeing that I have both some upcoming taxes and student loans to pay, you could say that I’m potentially traveling on borrowed time.

Still, seeing that stocks have historically returned about 11% over time – compared to current interest rates at just above 2% – it seems like a gamble worth doing. On top of that I have hopefully chosen my few stocks with care. I’ve been thinking about diversifying more, but I don’t want to buy a stock which I haven’t researched thoroughly.

And if worst comes to worst I guess I’d just have to find a job real quick. Or maybe I could hide in some far away country in Latin America. :-)

Ah, life is so much better since I stopped worrying about money. Money is something ephemeral; you have it, and you lose it. Experiences and skills are worth so much more than mere money.



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Email Subscription

Plaza photographer

After being recommended making it easier to follow the blog, I’ve added email subscription to it. This also means that the RSS feed is rerouted via FeedBurner.

See link at the top, or click here.



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Investment & Providing Value

KeysI was offered to invest some of my money the other day, and I said no. Even though it looked like a very solid investment, with good returns on capital, I still said no.

You may ask why, and so did I. I asked myself why I said no?

I think it is because the investment did not provide value. Well, it did, but only as a side effect of making money.

Any investment I am to be part of need to have a primary purpose to provide value for the customer. It of course also needs to make money.

Both are needed for good business, but providing value needs to be in the forefront.

At least if I’m to be part of it.

What rules do you have for investing?



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To Jump

Don't jump over the fence

Have you ever thought about ending it all? End life as you know it. Climb the wall and fall down on the other side. Ending up in afterlife or not.

I have. Read More »

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JCI Empresarios La Paz Anniversary

On Thursday I was invited to the 22nd anniversary of JCI Empresarios La Paz. The second time during my journey where I was underderessed; you can only fit so much in a 30 litre backpack.

The reason for writing though was about the flow of time and consistency.

In this JCI chamber, there is a group of eight members who have met (almost) every month for the last twenty years. And they are all of different professions, have different beliefs, and are of different levels of prosperity.

I think that is quite cool.



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Crowded in La PazDo you feel homesick when you are away from home for a long period of time?

I don’t.

I don’t miss people. I don’t miss places. I don’t even miss my hobbies. (Well, maybe I do miss people. Just a lot less than you’d expect.)

Instead I find new people, new places, and new hobbies.

Does this make me a bad person? I don’t know.

Sometimes I miss continuity though. The idea of living a life that has a red thread through it. That whatever happened yesterday will be part of tomorrow.

Something which is only possible if you live life at the same place.

Or is it?

I hope that I in hindsight will be able to say that my life had consistency and purpose.

Do you live life with a purpose?



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JCI La Paz 19.26

Mountains in the background

Today I attended my fifth JCI event for this year. Feels different to be such a non-active member.

It is really great to attend JCI events in foreign countries. I’m always very well received and JCI La Paz 19.26 was no different.

This was an event with JCI La Paz 19.26, which is one of three local chambers in La Paz, but there were members present from the other two as well.

After the ordinary meeting they had a planning meeting for a national convention happening next weekend. Here, in La Paz. So now I have to stay until at least then.

Don’t really know what courses to attend though. I wonder if I can pick something with easy Spanish based on the name of the course. Maybe I’ll participate in JCI Achieve, or one of the other courses I’ve already attended.

All in all, a really great evening.

Tomorrow I’m finding myself a Spanish teacher.

If I have any readers that are not already members of JCI (and happen to be in the ages 18-40), I really recommend attending an event with your local chamber. It has changed my life. Maybe it will change yours.



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