Not a Bucket List

Bolivian girlDo you have a bucket list? A list of things to do or accomplish before you die.

I’ve never had one, and then starting looking into it the other day. Copy-pasting anything cool that I could find into my list. Without discretion. The list is now a hundred or maybe two hundred items long.

All of them things I’d love to do or accomplish some day. Read More »

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Bolivian border

This weekend I’m spending on Spawnfest. A programming competition over 48 hours. Read More »

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Leaving Paraguay

Black cat hostel

I’ve changed country. Two great weeks at the Black Cat hostel have come to an end.

I was looking forward to another adventure. At least that’s what I chose to call it. In reality it’s just one very, very long bus ride. Twenty hours according to the time table. In reality it turned into twenty-two.

With a border control in the middle. Which is what I expected to be the main adventure. Read More »

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How to Follow a Blog

Shanty town

When I started reading and following blogs I had a list of bookmarks in my browser. Every day, or once a week, I looked at all those sites to see if something new had been posted.

Sometimes rereading half, or more, of an article before realising that I had read it before.

Someone then introduced me to RSS, which I quickly dismissed as too difficult. Boy, was I wrong. Read More »

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JCI Asunción

Printing press

Today I attended a board meeting with JCI Asunción. Once more humbling my Spanish. Great people though, with impeccable English. The fast parts of the meeting were lost to me, but I could catch some general themes. Read More »

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How to Become a Great Writer

BrasaAs you may know this blog writing hobby of mine has a secondary purpose of making me a better writer. So, how do you become a better or even a great writer?

Well, part of it is reading. Read what others have written. Read what interests you. Read what catches your fancy. Read More »

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Making Money From Blogging


A lot of blogs have a post with that – or a similar – title.

I can tell you in one easy step how to make money from blogging (spelling suggestion: flogging): Read More »

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Phone Cancelled

Train crossing at Iguazú

I’ve finally accepted that I no longer live in the UK. Phone service at £15 a month for something I will use maybe a week or a month a year seems stupid. Read More »

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Work and Career

Iguazú falls

But what about working? Your career? Are you looking for a job here?

Questions similar to that have been brought up during my travels more often than I expected. Read More »

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Short Changed

Rainbow at the Iguazú falls.

A few days ago I arrived in Asunción, Paraguay. It was in the middle of the night and as tradition now has it, I had done zero research on the city (or the country) before arriving.

In need of local currency, and possibly not in much more need of Argentinian pesos, I went to a money changer at the bus station. Handed over whatever cash I had and received a bunch of money back. Since I didn’t really know the exchange rate, I got too focused on trying to learn that instead of checking the amount punched for what I handed over. Only realised an hour later. In bed at a hotel.

Paid $25 for that experience.

Oh, well. I’ll put that in the book keeping column for education. Right next to my student loans. :-)

The day after I found a great hostel at which I’ll be staying during my time in Asunción.

Photo is from the Iguazú falls.



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